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Dub, You prepared new bifocals for me several weeks ago. You also coached me with tips for using these new "tools." Since then I have found I could read the newspaper, the internet, the phonebook, & price tags at the grocery store. Thank you so much for your craftsmanship and ability to explain understandably, with clarity, how these work. Every day I am grateful to be able to see things. I thought I had lost my ability to see. The work you do enables me to do my own work & research that requires extensive reading. Thank You
Katherine H    -    December 2014

Instead of "50 shades of gray," I now feel like I have "50 shades of fabulous color & clear vision"! Thank you so much for fabricating my lenses just right for me!
Kay J    -    December 2014

Last week I was in Mertzon working on my Dad's estate & my glasses were damaged pretty severely when a man in boots stepped on them. I needed my glasses for a weekend trip & envisioned paying big bucks for new frames. Since Daddy had always gone to Dub & liked Optical Prescription Service, I decided to see what you could do. A young man (John) took my glasses, & began to straighten & work & in about 10 minutes, he had them looking brand new. You also adjusted my spare pair graciously & efficiently. The charge? NONE! In this world of greed & inflated prices it is so refreshing to know there are those who still care about the person behind the glasses. P.S. I won't forget!
Vicki K    -    December 2014

I would like to say "Thank You" to you and your courteous staff for the wonderful work you did on my eye glasses. For about 2 years I had problems seeing because the progression was not correct and the glasses were uncomfortable. I brought my new prescription in and your experienced staff knew exactly how to correct the lenses and made the glasses more comfortable to wear. Now I can actually see my computer, the TV, paperwork on my desk, read text on my phone, etc.. The progression is perfect, I love the high definition and the transition is awesome. I am so very excited. Thank you all again for a job well done.
Jackie M    -    November 2014

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